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Get Obsessed, Orlando Bridal Event

8 Jun

I’m taking my Thirty-One Gifts show on the road. Register here for #obsessedbridalevent.




Carolyn Petagno carolyn31Gifts {at} gmail {dot} com

Direct Selling News: Thirty-One

22 Mar

I love Thirty-One and all it stands for… check out these articles in Direct Selling News:

Industry With Heart — Thirty-One Gifts: Celebrating Thirty-One Gifts and Thirty-One Gives (Feb. 2013)

Young Company Focus — Thirty-One Gifts: Gifted and Talented (Sept. 2010)


February 2013: My Journey with Thirty-One!

19 Feb

Ladies, it’s been a while since my last post. I’m just so excited about my Thirty-One business and had to share some of what I’ve been up to lately.

Here’s a snapshot of my life this month as an independent director with Thirty-One Gifts:

Feb. 1-3: Attended my first SHE Leadership Retreat. The retreat was offered by two Senior Executive Directors and held in Orlando. The weekend was full of amazing training and fellowship. They surprised us by having a professional photographer there and we were each able to get a professional headshot taken as their gift to us. So nice!! I had so much fun meeting and learning from leaders all across the United States (pictured below). That’s me on the top row, second from right.


Feb. 6: Registered for my first National Conference. Thirty-One will celebrate its 10th Anniversary in July in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. This will be my first National Conference ever and the first time I’m leading a team (Team Creating Possibilities)! I’m so excited. The first year I joined Thirty-One (May 2010), I didn’t attend since NC was in July and I was still getting my feet wet as a consultant. The following year, I earned a free ticket to National Conference but I was newly pregnant and wasn’t sure about traveling to Ohio. {I have always regretted not going!!} Then last year, I had just returned to work after a nearly six months maternity leave and was still nursing my baby… so I wasn’t able to go yet again. This year… NO EXCUSES! Plus, I think I may get to walk across the stage and be recognized for promoting to director in June 2012.

Feb. 7-11: Went on my first Leadership Incentive Cruise to the Bahamas. I earned this cruise from my sponsor last year when I promoted to director. There were 12 of us on the cruise… each of us earned it. This was an incredible trip. I have never traveled so well with 11 other women. Being a Thirty-One Consultant is truly a sisterhood and we bonded, creating new friendships. I don’t have a sister and it was so nice to get to know these women. We had so much fun together that we’re already planning an annual trip for our teams to earn when promoting to director. Thank goodness we weren’t on that stranded cruise!! It would have been a completely different trip. Thankful we had running water and power — and a great time!

Feb. 17: Shared Thirty-One at the Perfect Wedding Guide Bride Expo. Had so much fun sharing Thirty-One with the brides-to-be at the expo. I was amazed at how many had never heard of Thirty-One. I loved sharing the idea of hosting a party several months before their “Big Day” so they can use their hostess credits to purchase their bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. Many had never thought of this and were excited at the possibility of getting their bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts for free. I met a few brides who were also interested in becoming consultants themselves. Luckily for them, Thirty-One is currently offering an “O.J” (or Opportunity to Join) incentive. I would be so excited if they were to join my Team Creating Possibilities and received the $99 rebate. Essentially, all they would need to do is enroll as a consultant before April 1st, submit their first $1,000 in sales within their first 30 days (that’s two average parties… very doable), and they would receive their initial $99 investment back as a rebate, plus $250 in commission… that’s money they could put toward planning their own wedding!


Feb. 18: Celebrated & Connected with consultants in our area. I woke up with an earache and wasn’t sure if I would make it to our meeting. Thankfully I was feeling better because I was co-hosting a Celebrate and Connect meeting in the evening with another director in our area. We watched an amazing video from our founder Cindy Monroe about our Thirty-One Gives Foundation. The foundation is celebrating its first birthday this month. The video introduced us to Thirty-One’s newest national mission partner Girl Talk, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building self-esteem in middle school girls through its mentoring program. I’m so excited about this partnership. We also led special training and received free products (bullet points below). Just another perk of being a consultant and director with Thirty-One.

This is what I received as a director. I’ll have to post a photo later!

• Easy Breezy Tote in Island Damask (March Special)
• Soft Wallet in Island Damask
• Zipper Pouch in Lotsa Dots
• Party Cards
• Pro Duffle in Pink Lotsa Dots (NEW product — April Special)

Thirty-One always sets us up for success!! Well, that’s it for now… I hope to post more soon! xo

Who’s Excited for Spring?

15 Dec

After attending Thirty-One’s Spring Product Premiere in a movie theatre on Dec. 9, I’m as excited as Santa’s Elf about the new catalog that will go live on Jan. 4. Until then, take a sneak peek!

Someone is peeking at the NEW Spring 2013 Catalog!!!! Take a look

Spring Catalog Sneak Peek

Love What You Do!

15 Dec

Can you believe I earned all these products for FREE?!? Just for doing my job and submitting $1,000  between Nov. 28 and Dec. 10. I still can’t believe I get paid to party?!?

Woohoo! I can’t wait for it to arrive!


Thirty-One: Testimonials

24 May

Thirty-One Gifts is turning heads for their ability to rack up incredible growth numbers, while maintaining a close-knit family feel,” says Lauri Dodd of Direct Selling News
Read full article.

My Flat Iron Case is perfect for my traveling needs and I couldn’t be happier with the one I got from Thirty-One. My flat iron is a compact one so it fit perfectly into the sleeve and stores right in my luggage, I have even used it locally when on mini vacations and stuck it in my bag. My daughter has even borrowed it, she loves the design, and used it for her smaller curling iron and it fit in just fine. I love using my Flat Iron Case, it will definitely be in my bag for my upcoming trip!”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (07.27.10)

The Fold & Go Organizer from Thirty-One is a handy little thing. I use it as my notepad for meeting notes and more. One of the things I have done with it was put a few crayons in the pocket for my toddler so when we go out to dinner or we are at a meeting I can pull out the organizer and let her color, keeps her occupied for a good amount of time. I have tossed receipts in the pocket so I could keep them all in one place until I get home. And when folded closed it fits right into my bag. I love my Fold & Go Organizer and the Notepad!”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (07.19.10)

My daughter keeps stealing my tote!”
~ Delyn in Florida (07.14.10)

I love my new Thermal Tote and have used it for endless things. To keep my kids drinks cold when we go to the park, to filling it up with snacks for a day at the local theme parks. I love the design I received, Organic Flower, and I have been asked twice now where I got it from and when I say Thirty-one people say, “Oh really?” This is one versatile tote as you can see from the image above with it being used for baby gear.”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review & Giveaway (07.12.10)

I am loving Thirty-One products. The latest two are my new Key FOB and Wristlet Wallet, which is so handy to have. In the short time I have had it my tween has used it for a shopping trip with family members so she could be grown up and carry her own money. And I have used it for a dinner out with my husband as well as a carrying case for my DSi and a few games on a mini road trip. The design is fresh and summertime looking and it is so convenient to have a little bag for just about anything. I have even put my Kodak video recorder in it so it was in a safe place inside my bigger bag. I am pleased to have been introduced to Thirty-One via Carolyn.”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (07.07.10)

This tote is perfect for taking just about anything on the go with you. From toting craft supplies and kids toys to theme park needs this tote holds everything. I like it because it is compartmentalized which allows me to put drink containers for my kids on the outside instead of the inside where everything can get wet if I had a spill. Now I can carry my toddlers needs everywhere I go. I don’t feel I need a full blown diaper bag anymore so this Organizing Utility Tote is perfect for what I need!”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (06.28.10)

~ Tina in Florida (06.19.10)

Everything arrived yesterday evening…I just love it!! Can’t wait to order more stuff…the product is so well made and priced right.”
~ Jo in Florida (06.18.10)

Love them. Can’t wait to go somewhere to use my new bag…Thank you so much…It’s awesome and I look forward to the fall catalog.”
~ Lisa in Colorado (06.15.10)

Thermal Tote in Newport Bloom (Kim's photo)

Love my bag! FAST delivery. I’ll be back (for more) when we are in the States.”
~ Kim from Germany while visiting her parents in Georgia (06.04.10)

Gift Idea for Grandma: Lil’ Expressions Tote

25 Nov

Check out TheSuburbanMom’s adorable Lil’ Expressions Tote that came in the mail yesterday, and her product review. Makes a great gift for grandma or the modern mom. Can be personalized with up to six kids.

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