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Gift idea for dear ol’ dad

7 Jun

I don’t know about you, but every year I struggle with what to get my dear ol’ dad. Whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday or Christmas, I’m always at a loss to find something new and unique that won’t clutter his place. I’ve gone the ‘experience’ route, purchasing gift certificates to movie theaters and restaurants. And being an avid Alabama football fan, he has more Bama gear than even he knows what to do with. So this year, I’m getting him something for his RV. You see, my dad travels to every home game from Labor Day weekend until the Thanksgiving weekend Iron Bowl. He lives in his RV the entire time, i.e. a ‘roadie’ traveling with the Crimson Tide.

As a new Thirty-One Consultant, I had to get him one of my fabulous bags! The Large Utility Tote is perfect for him. This oversized bag holds a LOT of stuff! It’s wire rim keeps the bag open to carry bulky items easily, but it easily collapses for storage. He can use it for sporting equipment, tailgating, camping trips, tools, etc. He can also use it to store board games or blankets.

The bag comes in five colors or designs. I’ve selected Sandy Swirl to match the beige and red theme of his RV. I’ll have it personalized with his last name in red, style 11 font. This block letter font is similar to a font the university uses and will tie in nicely with his overall tailgating theme. Roll Tide!

**UPDATE** (06.22.10) I ended up purchasing the brown bag with red embroidery. I was afraid the Sandy Swirl might be too feminine. When I spoke to him on Father’s Day… he said he loved his new bag!

Sample: Sandy Swirl

Sample: Newport Stripe

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