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Direct Selling News: Thirty-One

22 Mar

I love Thirty-One and all it stands for… check out these articles in Direct Selling News:

Industry With Heart — Thirty-One Gifts: Celebrating Thirty-One Gifts and Thirty-One Gives (Feb. 2013)

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Direct Selling News calls Thirty-One Gifts, Gifted & Talented

1 Sep


So proud and honored to represent this growing company!” ~ Carolyn

An excerpt of the original article written by Lauri Dodd and published in the September 2010 issue of Direct Selling News

Thirty-One Gifts is turning heads for their ability to rack up incredible growth numbers, while maintaining a close-knit family feel.

Maybe today would be the day. Jeanie had gotten off work just a little bit earlier, in the hope that the adorable little boutique downtown would still be open, even for a few minutes—that’s all it would take to make her desired purchase. Weeks earlier, she had spotted a cute trinket that would make the perfect gift for her friend, Susan. Now, as she rounded the corner, she held her breath in anticipation, and then nearing the storefront, promptly exhaled a long sigh. With shoulders slumped and more than a little dejected, she made her way slowly back to her parked car. Like her last three attempts to peruse the shelves of the delectable retail store, today would, in fact, not be the day.


Cindy Monroe

It is for working women like Jeanie that Thirty-One Gifts was created seven years ago. Founder and CEO Cindy Monroe was working in corporate America at the time, and she, herself, had experienced the frustration of never getting to visit the corner gift boutiques, because they were always closed before she got home from work. “The goal right from the start was to provide products that were gift-able, ones that previously were only available at exclusive retail shops,” says Scott Monroe, Thirty-One Gifts Chief Branding Officer and Cindy’s proud husband. “As her idea came together, she remembered the success she had with direct selling in college and knew that was the only way to go.” Now, in less than a decade, the young company continues to rack up the accolades, and an entire industry has begun to take notice.

Ask anyone at Thirty-One Gifts, and a good majority will, no doubt, point to the company’s culture as the No. 1 reason for their involvement—the organization’s driving force, if you will.

Read the full article at DirectSellingNews.com

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