Love What You Do!

15 Dec

Can you believe I earned all these products for FREE?!? Just for doing my job and submitting $1,000  between Nov. 28 and Dec. 10. I still can’t believe I get paid to party?!?

Woohoo! I can’t wait for it to arrive!



Addicted to Chevron… Party Punch!

14 Dec

I’m addicted to chevron patterns. So much so, I incorporated chevrons into my daughter’s nursery design. Her room is girly, but certainly not baby. I didn’t want to have to redesign her bedroom once she outgrew her crib.

Last year I was asked to submit ideas for fabrics. And you guessed it, I suggested chevrons! Who doesn’t love chevron patterns?

Be still my heart!

I have been waiting patiently for Thirty-One to offer their products in a fun chevron pattern. My prayers have been answered. Introducing… Party Punch. It goes great with Punch Bowl, Island Damask, Turquoise Cross Pop, Pink Cross Pop, Black Cross Pop and even Spirit Grey.

The new Enrollment kit makes me want to re-enroll again on Dec. 17… if only I could!!

What do you think? Like it or Love it?


Trivia Thursday Giveaway: What were my team sales in 2011-2012?

16 Aug

Thirty-One’s fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30. What were my team sales in 2011-2012?

To submit your answer, (1) join my private VIP group on Facebook (2) post the following on my wall and (3) fill in the blank. “Sent from your blog. Trivia Thursday Giveaway {08.16.12}: I think your team sales in 2011-2012 were ___.” The person with the closest answer will receive a special prize.

Trivia Thursday Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Participants must be 18 years or older. One entry per person. Contest ends on Friday {08.17.12} at 11:59 p.m. EST. Employees of Thirty-One and independent consultants of Thirty-One are not eligible.

Wordless Wednesday: Who’s Ready for Some Football?

15 Aug

Thirty-One: Testimonials

24 May

Thirty-One Gifts is turning heads for their ability to rack up incredible growth numbers, while maintaining a close-knit family feel,” says Lauri Dodd of Direct Selling News
Read full article.

My Flat Iron Case is perfect for my traveling needs and I couldn’t be happier with the one I got from Thirty-One. My flat iron is a compact one so it fit perfectly into the sleeve and stores right in my luggage, I have even used it locally when on mini vacations and stuck it in my bag. My daughter has even borrowed it, she loves the design, and used it for her smaller curling iron and it fit in just fine. I love using my Flat Iron Case, it will definitely be in my bag for my upcoming trip!”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (07.27.10)

The Fold & Go Organizer from Thirty-One is a handy little thing. I use it as my notepad for meeting notes and more. One of the things I have done with it was put a few crayons in the pocket for my toddler so when we go out to dinner or we are at a meeting I can pull out the organizer and let her color, keeps her occupied for a good amount of time. I have tossed receipts in the pocket so I could keep them all in one place until I get home. And when folded closed it fits right into my bag. I love my Fold & Go Organizer and the Notepad!”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (07.19.10)

My daughter keeps stealing my tote!”
~ Delyn in Florida (07.14.10)

I love my new Thermal Tote and have used it for endless things. To keep my kids drinks cold when we go to the park, to filling it up with snacks for a day at the local theme parks. I love the design I received, Organic Flower, and I have been asked twice now where I got it from and when I say Thirty-one people say, “Oh really?” This is one versatile tote as you can see from the image above with it being used for baby gear.”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review & Giveaway (07.12.10)

I am loving Thirty-One products. The latest two are my new Key FOB and Wristlet Wallet, which is so handy to have. In the short time I have had it my tween has used it for a shopping trip with family members so she could be grown up and carry her own money. And I have used it for a dinner out with my husband as well as a carrying case for my DSi and a few games on a mini road trip. The design is fresh and summertime looking and it is so convenient to have a little bag for just about anything. I have even put my Kodak video recorder in it so it was in a safe place inside my bigger bag. I am pleased to have been introduced to Thirty-One via Carolyn.”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (07.07.10)

This tote is perfect for taking just about anything on the go with you. From toting craft supplies and kids toys to theme park needs this tote holds everything. I like it because it is compartmentalized which allows me to put drink containers for my kids on the outside instead of the inside where everything can get wet if I had a spill. Now I can carry my toddlers needs everywhere I go. I don’t feel I need a full blown diaper bag anymore so this Organizing Utility Tote is perfect for what I need!”
~ Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Product Review (06.28.10)

~ Tina in Florida (06.19.10)

Everything arrived yesterday evening…I just love it!! Can’t wait to order more stuff…the product is so well made and priced right.”
~ Jo in Florida (06.18.10)

Love them. Can’t wait to go somewhere to use my new bag…Thank you so much…It’s awesome and I look forward to the fall catalog.”
~ Lisa in Colorado (06.15.10)

Thermal Tote in Newport Bloom (Kim's photo)

Love my bag! FAST delivery. I’ll be back (for more) when we are in the States.”
~ Kim from Germany while visiting her parents in Georgia (06.04.10)

Gift Idea for Grandma: Lil’ Expressions Tote

25 Nov

Check out TheSuburbanMom’s adorable Lil’ Expressions Tote that came in the mail yesterday, and her product review. Makes a great gift for grandma or the modern mom. Can be personalized with up to six kids.

Did you know? Blogs are copyrighted.

23 Nov

I stumbled across a blog recently and was stunned to find some of my content on her blog. These were posts I had written and published on this blog. The funny thing is… one was written in the first-person. When she copied and pasted it to her blog, she kept it in the first-person. By doing so, she’s giving the impression that she’s talking about her personal experience, when in fact, it was mine. Perhaps she had a similar experience. Who knows? I was just stunned that she took my post word-for-word.

In any case, the experience made me wonder… can one copyright their thoughts and words on blog? I did a quick search tonight and found out some interesting facts! According to Brad Templeton in his post, 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained, “almost all things [including blogs] are copyrighted the moment they are written, and no copyright notice is required.” So there you have it!

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