Did you know? Blogs are copyrighted.

23 Nov

I stumbled across a blog recently and was stunned to find some of my content on her blog. These were posts I had written and published on this blog. The funny thing is… one was written in the first-person. When she copied and pasted it to her blog, she kept it in the first-person. By doing so, she’s giving the impression that she’s talking about her personal experience, when in fact, it was mine. Perhaps she had a similar experience. Who knows? I was just stunned that she took my post word-for-word.

In any case, the experience made me wonder… can one copyright their thoughts and words on blog? I did a quick search tonight and found out some interesting facts! According to Brad Templeton in his post, 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained, “almost all things [including blogs] are copyrighted the moment they are written, and no copyright notice is required.” So there you have it!


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