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Gift Idea for Grandma: Lil’ Expressions Tote

25 Nov

Check out TheSuburbanMom’s adorable Lil’ Expressions Tote that came in the mail yesterday, and her product review. Makes a great gift for grandma or the modern mom. Can be personalized with up to six kids.


Did you know? Blogs are copyrighted.

23 Nov

I stumbled across a blog recently and was stunned to find some of my content on her blog. These were posts I had written and published on this blog. The funny thing is… one was written in the first-person. When she copied and pasted it to her blog, she kept it in the first-person. By doing so, she’s giving the impression that she’s talking about her personal experience, when in fact, it was mine. Perhaps she had a similar experience. Who knows? I was just stunned that she took my post word-for-word.

In any case, the experience made me wonder… can one copyright their thoughts and words on blog? I did a quick search tonight and found out some interesting facts! According to Brad Templeton in his post, 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained, “almost all things [including blogs] are copyrighted the moment they are written, and no copyright notice is required.” So there you have it!

Thirty-One Gifts: Littles Carry-All Caddy Product Review

10 Nov

Jen @ TheSuburbanMom has featured Thirty-One’s Littles Carry-All Caddy in TheSuburbanSanta’s Holiday Gift Guide. Check it out!

Functional Products with a Purpose: here are just a few ideas of how you can use this adorable caddy:

  • Game Caddy: store Nintendo DSi in mesh pocket & games in main compartment
  • Toiletry Caddy: organize all your bathroom stuff, eye cream & tweezers in mesh pocket and skin creams & hair products in the main compartment
  • Car Caddy: keep your car clean with this “pretty trashy” organizer
  • Mail Caddy: store your stamps, envelopes, stationary, etc.
  • Work Caddy: travel from station to station with all your supplies conveniently at hand
  • Make-up Caddy: keep your face paint organized & at your fingertips
  • Toy Caddy: store all those little pieces that typically get lost
  • Road-trip Caddy: let your little one’s fill ‘er up with toys for the trip
  • Nail Care Caddy: store your pedicure & manicure supplies
  • Boo-Boo Kit Caddy: keep your band-aids & other first-aid supplies neat & organized

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So Excited: I’m Enrolled in April Showers’ Blog Designer Workshop

7 Nov

As someone new to blogging, I used one of the WordPress templates when I started this blog. But with the growth of my Thirty-One Gifts business, I’m desiring something that’s uniquely my own. Plus, I’ve been wanting to create a blog for my full-time job at the university. It’s a win-win!

I discovered April Showers Blog Design through TheSuburbanMom. April designed TheSuburbanMom’s blog and I instantly fell in love with the whimsy feel. So, I’m going to attempt to expand my creative skills yet again and add blog design to my repertoire.

Course is Mondays: 5pm-7pm ET (Nov. 22nd, Nov. 29th, Dec. 6th, Dec. 13th). Since the university is closed Dec. 24-Jan. 2, I’ll have plenty of time to practice and work on the redesign of this blog. Here’s the rundown of what I’ll be learning.

Can’t wait!!

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