Thirty-One Uses for the Organizing Utility Tote and a Hands-on Product Review by The Dirty Shirt

5 Jul

The Dirty Shirt Hands On Product ReviewsA few weeks ago, I sent Jennifer, the owner/editor of The Dirty Shirt, various Thirty-One Gifts products and asked her to do a thorough, hands-on review of each one. If you don’t already follow The Dirty Shirt’s blog, Jennifer is a mom-approved Nielsen Power 50 Mom providing hands-on product reviews for some major national brands. I’m honored that she has agreed to review my Thirty-One Gifts products!

Her first review is of the Organizing Utility Tote.

Jennifer of The Dirty Shirt says,

This tote is perfect for taking just about anything on the go with you. From toting craft supplies and kids toys to theme park needs this tote holds everything. I like it because it is compartmentalized which allows me to put drink containers for my kids on the outside instead of the inside where everything can get wet if I had a spill. Now I can carry my toddlers needs everywhere I go. I don’t feel I need a full blown diaper bag anymore so this Organizing Utility Tote is perfect for what I need!”

To read The Dirty Shirt’s full product review of the Organizing Utility Tote, click here.

Thirty-One Uses for the Organizing Utility Tote: (in no particular order)
Thirty-One products have several uses. Here are 31 uses for this particular bag. Comment below if you’d like to add your creative ideas to the list.

Organizing Utility Tote

Happy Dot Mom Tote

    1. Diaper bag
    2. Gardening supplies
    3. Portable game storage—Wii inside and games inside, cords and controllers in pockets
    4. Scrapbooking organizer
    5. Mobile office
Organizing Utility Tote

Black Mobile Office

    6. Beach/pool bag
    7. Snack pack
    8. Kids’ go bag—toys, books, etc. for church, waiting rooms, etc.
    9. Bride’s tote for wedding planning supplies and day-of beauty gear
    10. Teacher’s tote for grading papers—papers inside, in pockets stickers, pens, stamps, calculator etc.

    11. Teacher’s tote for dry erase boards, markers, and erasers
    12. Knitting/crochet bag
    13. Cleaning supplies—household
    14. Art supplies
    15. Hair tote–appliances inside, clips, ribbons, products in side pockets
    16. Small home electronics with cords/remotes in various pockets
    17. Dress up clothes—shoes and accessories in pockets
    18. Picnic tote
Organizing Utility Tote

Happy Dot Bride Tote

    19. Kids clutter organizer for car
    20. Cleaning supplies—car
    21. Gift wrap caddy
    22. Hospital waiting room bag for adults
    23. Tool bag—larger inside, smaller in pockets
    24. Game bag—puzzles, Yatzee etc. inside and various card games in the pockets
Organizing Utility Tote

Happy Dot Bride Tote

    25. Yard sale tote
    26. Overnight bag
    27. Home emergency kit—bottled water, flashlight, batteries, candles, lighter or matches
    28. Housewarming gift/wedding gift with home essentials inside
    29. Pet supplies—water bowls inside, leash, brush, treats, etc. in the pockets
    30. Laundry bag—mismatched socks or detergent inside, stain sticks, clothespins, etc. in pockets
    31. Toy organizer

~ a special thank you to Amy Ivey for providing the fun list ~


3 Responses to “Thirty-One Uses for the Organizing Utility Tote and a Hands-on Product Review by The Dirty Shirt”

  1. Robin Auten August 29, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    I have been wanting to use my utility tote as a mobie office. Can you tell me how to go about what I need to put it together please?

    Thank you


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